Kranjska sausage

A gourmet queen from the assortment of semidurable products includes Košaki Kranjska sausage, made according to a traditional recipe from the culinary treasury of Slovenia. It is the most appreciated and best-selling sausage of its kind in the Slovenian market, repeatedly rewarded with a gold medal. It is made from the highest quality cuts of fresh meat, with only salt, pepper and garlic added.

Available products:

Kranjska klobasa Kranjska klobasa
id 10102067 10102014
grammage 240 g cca. 1 kg
packing KA KA
transport packaging 2,16 kg 4 kg
shelf life in days 40 40



Kranjska sausage developed in the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy at the beginning of the 19th century. It originates in the region of Upper Carniolia where it spread via central Slovenia to the rest of the country as the integral part of the menu at important events. The emperor Franz Joseph has also come to know Kranjska sausage and gave it praise, it is also mentioned in numerous historical cook books; the people of Slovenia took it with them at the time of emigration and have made it recognizable around the world.

 …and today

 The promotion of the real Kranjska sausage today is handled by the economical-interest association of Kranjska sausage producers which has been operating since 2005 and the association of eleven certified producers of this top-notch product among which you can find Košaki TMI. The association takes as its most important role the quality control of Kranjska sausage and the promotion of this culinary specialty, designated by all certified producers with the logo “Kranjskaklobasa-zašpiljeno dobra” and the national seal “geografskaoznačba” (geographical seal). All producers produce Kranjska sausage under a strictly regulated recipe and a verified production process.