The company TMI Košaki has 143 years of tradition of meat and meat product production. We have been present on the Slovenian market since 1872. This is why we can celebrate ourselves as the oldest producer in our field of which we are especially proud. All these years of activity have moulded us into a successful producer of meat and meat products in Slovenia and abroad.

Košaki TMI thus remains a modern company with a recognizable trade mark which offers buyers in Slovenia and abroad top quality meat products. Despite technological perfection we are preserving tradition and are striving every day to achieve culinary satisfaction of our customers.


The primary objective of Košaki is the stability and growth of the company, providing high quality, increasing brand awareness, intensive development, the preservation of meat products production and slaughterhouse operations, and providing secure jobs. It is worth mentioning that Košaki products do not contain allergens, i.e. gluten, soy, nuts, etc. They are made with care, dedication, and above all with love and care for the customer and their health.